Interactive history


Project management

Our combined set of skills make complex projects possible with everything from historical groundwork to visualization and dissemination.



We produce digital models and visualizations in 3D, illustrations, animations, tools to disseminate sensory experiences, exhibitions, web apps and educational games for mobile platforms and much more.



We develop historical infrastructure for institutions and others in science, research and education.

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Tidvis is a company that explores and developes new ways of disseminating research and making it available, with a special emphasis on history. We believe history is important, because it gives us the means to understand the present and what we expect of the future.

our goal is the utilize both well known and new tools and technologies. Examples are databases, games, 3D models, augmented and virtual reality, animations, interactive sensory experiences and good, flexible design on all platforms.

We attempt to have a broad a reach as possible with sophisticated solutions. This way we hope to make experiences with the past more accessible to the general public, which again will enable us all to better reflect on the present and the future.

You can contact us at

Ragnhild Hutchison

CEO and historian

Amund Pedersen


Tora Olsvold


Carl William Holm

Game Designer

Ken Mikkelsen

Coordinator - Miniutstilling

Maria Eliassen